AOR AR1500






The AOR AR1500 receiver continuously covers 500 kHz to 1300 MHz. Modes include: NFM, WFM, AM amd SSB. The AR1500 is the world's first true hand-held wide range receiver offering SSB as standard feature. Coverage is from 500 kHz all the way to 1300 MHz without any gaps. Channel steps are programmable in multiples of 5 kHz and 12.5 kHz up to 995 kHz, the BFO will allow tuning between these steps for SSB operation. All popular modes are provided NFM, WFM, AM and SSB (USB, LSB & CW) with the BFO switched on. A rotary tuning control is fitted to the top panel to further increase operating pleasure, convenience and versatility.
There are 1000 memories arranged in ten banks of 100 channels. 100 of these memories are reserved for 'auto memory' in bank 9. The scan rate is 20 channels per second. (55 x 152 x 40 mm 390g)
The AR1500 comes with an internal NiCad battery pack, AC adapter/charger, DA900 antenna, and cell holder for four AAA cells, soft case, belt clip and DC lead with cigar plug.