Company History:

Initial founder Robert Roman Gonsett was born in 1891 in The Ukraine Russia and emigrated to Eastern Canada in 1907. The family moved to California in 1916 and established the Gonsett Company in Burbank.

Robert’s son Faust R. (Robert) Gonsett was born in 1916. Faust was an early ham operator with the callsign W6DIZ.

Robert R. Gonsett also established the Gonsett’s Waterproof Electric Company with his son and the company supplied electrical equipment to the United States Navy during World War II and to the United States government after the war.

In the 1930s, Faust contributed articles about transmitter modifications to RADIO magazine. In 1942, he co-edited the Radio Handbook, for years the major competition to the handbook put out by the ARRL.

Robert senior died June 25, 1951.

In 1958 the Gonset Company was sold to Young Spring and Wire Corporation

Faust Gonsett became president and majority owner of Minitron Incorporated for a brief period in 1960

In 1963 Faust Gonsett started the company Side Band Engineers.

In 2006 Faust was among the inaugural group of 50 inductees into the “CQ” Hall of Fame.

Faust’s son Robert F. Gonsett born in 1947 became WA6QQQ. Robert live in Fallbrook California [as of 2006] and is the present holder of the famous “W6VR” callsign.

Historical Address:

Gonsett Company (1916-)
Burbank, California

Gonset Company
601 So Main
Burbank, California

A Subsidiary of Altec Lansing Corporation

Gonset (1958-1959-)
A Division of Young Spring & Wire Corporation
801 South Main St.
Burbank, CA