1926 – the Heath Parasol airplane kit producedHeathkit_logo_59_

1931 – Heath killed in airplane test flight. Acquired by Walter Clinnin

1933 – changed to the International Aircraft Corporation

1934 – International Aircraft Corporation bankrupt

Heathkit_Daystrom1935 – Howard Anthony purchased the company and changed the name back to the Heath Aircraft Company.

After WWII began producing kits from war surplus

1947 – Heathkit produced the O-1 Oscilloscope kit

D-Heathkit_1954 – Anthony killed in an airplane crash

1955 – Heathkit acquired by Daystrom

1958 a 205,000 square foot plant constructed in St. Joseph, Michigan.

HeathSchlumberger1962 Daystrom was purchased by Schlumberger Limited.

Heathkit by Daystrom
Heath Company
Benton Harbor 42, Michigan

1974 – Heathkit started Heathkit Educational Systems

1975 Address:
Heathkit Company (Schlumberger)
Dept. 17-12
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022

1979 – Zenith Radio Company purchased Heath Company from SchlumbergerHeathZenith_150

1982 – Heath Company launched thier last amateur radio, the SS-9000, which was so complicated to build it came factory assembled.

1983 – Heathkit Company, Benton Harbor MI 49022


1989 – Zenith Data Systems was cquired by the French company Groupe Bull.

1990 – The Heath Company launched it’s last PC-kits, the HS-3629 and HS-2862, a 80386 desktop and 80286 laptop.

1991 – The Heath Company, except Zenith Data Systems, left the Hilltop Road plant and moved to a former K-mart building at Riverview Drive in Benton Harbor.

1992 – The end of Heathkit, as the kit producer we remember it to be, was definite. The kit lines was discontinued and all product lines that was left was the Lighting, Security and Educational Systems

1995  – The HIG Capital Management Inc bought the Heath Company and Packard Bell bought Zenith Data Systems

1998  – DESA International bought the Lighting and Security business, but also the Heath Company name. Donald Desrochers private investment corporation bought the Heathkit Company, i.e. The Heathkit Educational Systems and that is what’s left of the former Heath Company.

2002 – The HIG Capital Management Inc bought the bankrupt DESA back and became the owner of the Heath/Zenith Co for the 2nd time

2007 – The Duchossois Group Inc bought the Heath/Zenith Co from HIG and established the HeathCo LLC

2008 – The Heathkit Company moved to Hawthorne Avenue in St. Joseph. Data Professionals in Pleasanton, California, bought all Heathkit manuals and the rights to sell and distribute them

2011 – The Heathkit Company announces that they are back in the kit-business. They first launch the GPA-100 (Garage Parking Assistant).

2012 – Heathkit Educational Systems bankruptsy, is sold out and the Heathkit story seems to end.

2013 – The Heath Company Inc. resurrects in stealth mode.

2015 – Data Professionals was acquired by the Heath Company

2015 – The new Heathkit launched their first kit. An AM radio receiver GR-150-BK, that is assembled without any soldering of the components.

2015 – The GR-152-BK is launched. It is a variant of the GR-150-BK where the components are soldered in a traditional way