Radio Manufacturing Engineers (RME)

Radio Manufacturing Engineers
a division of Electro-Voice


In 1931 Radio Manufacturing Engineers (RME) was founded by E.G. Shalkhauser (W9CI) and Russ M. Planck (W9RGH).
In 1943 the company moved to 313-315 Bradley Ave, Peoria, Ill
In 1935 to 306 First Ave., Peoria, Ill
After the World War II, RME merged with Electro-Voice, Buchanan, Michigan
Planck stayed with the company and supervised the design of a new series of shortwave receivers under the name of Radio Mfg. Engineers, Div. of Electro-Voice Inc.
In 1962 RME Division has been taken over by G.C. Electronics of Rockford, Ill.

Historical Address

Radio Mfg. Engineers, Inc.
Peoria 6, Illinois U.S.A.