Siltronix 1011B





Power Wiring

The power cord black or 120 vac "hot" lead goes/solders to the jack/socket pin 3 only. The power cord white or 120 vac "neutral" lead goes to the jack/socket pin 10 only. The power cord green or "ground" lead goes to jack/socket pin 7. You might consider soldering it at the same time your complete the pin 7/8 jumper mentioned below. There are two jumpers inside the jack which need to be made for proper operation. Both jumpers are made to tabs that are right next to each other. You can use simple bare wire for the very short lenghts between adjacent solder tabs. Solder a short bare wire jumper from tab 5 to tab 6. Solder a seperate short bare wire jumper from tab 7 to tab 8. Tab 7 also shares a common connection with the green power cord ground lead. Securely solder tab 7 when both connections are properly made.


Siltronix 1011B added a spot button.

There were five band switch positions for the early "plain" and relabeled 1011B rigs


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Last modified: September 2, 2012