Swan 1011





Orig Price


Freq Range

10 Meters

28.0-28.5 MHz

28.5-29.0 MHz

29.2-29.7 MHz

29.0-29.5 MHz

26.96-27.23 MHz (RX Only)



Power Output

260 Watts PEP input

180 Watts CW input

60 Watts AM input

Power Input

117 VAC

Power Wiring

The power cord black or 120 vac "hot" lead goes/solders to the jack/socket pin 3 only. The power cord white or 120 vac "neutral" lead goes to the jack/socket pin 10 only. The power cord green or "ground" lead goes to jack/socket pin 7. You might consider soldering it at the same time your complete the pin 7/8 jumper mentioned below. There are two jumpers inside the jack which need to be made for proper operation. Both jumpers are made to tabs that are right next to each other. You can use simple bare wire for the very short lenghts between adjacent solder tabs. Solder a short bare wire jumper from tab 5 to tab 6. Solder a seperate short bare wire jumper from tab 7 to tab 8. Tab 7 also shares a common connection with the green power cord ground lead. Securely solder tab 7 when both connections are properly made.


Built in AC Power supply. 12 VDC operation with 14-A plug in converter.

The original Swan 1011 "plain" above and the later relabeled Siltronix 1011B versions (not yet shown) are really a rig to work the Upper HF bands, starting at about 27MHz. A 10 meter Amateur Tranceiver with 11 meter CB RECEIVE-ONLY capacity as-built. The Siltronix 1011 plain, the Siltronix 1011B version and the plain Swan 1011 are the same basic unit with different cosmetics. The story goes that Hams and the ARRL made a hugh protest to Swan and when the first "Swan 1011" ad (shown in the Home Page Advertisement) was first seen in 73 Magazine. The rig was seen by Hams as nothing but a Swan CB tranceiver, when in fact it did contain the 10 Meter Amateur Band. Damage control kicked in back at Swan and the seperate Siltronix Company was formed to market the renamed rig. The sales advertisements then depicted the 1011 rig renamed as Siltronix (circa early-mid 70's). The political heat died down and the Siltronix Brand tranceivers were brought out to the public, keeping a more practical safe distance from the original Swan Amateur Radio reputation.


Swan 1011